Welcome to The Cheap CinemaFile!

I’m poor. You’re poor. We’re all poor. So how can we, the (choose whatever is appropriate):

  • disaffected 20-something struggling with student debt on the wages of a food service slave
  • exhausted parent who just wants to have a nice time without spending another fortune
  • person saddled with an unfortunate illness and equally unfortunate medical debt
  • fugitive from the law without access to funds


  • actor

enjoy our precious free time without shelling out upwards of $20?

We rent a movie from iTunes or Redbox! Or Netflix.

So this blog is dedicated to film reviews ONLY of what is available at iTunes or Redbox (and occasionally Netflix). Please read and enjoy! Those are the only requirements. As author of this site however I humbly implore you to comment as you see fit, even if it is to tell me I am wrong.